The KBO (Korean Baseball Organization) was formed in 1981 with its first season being played in 1982. The inaugural season kicked off with six teams - Samsung, Lotte, MBC, OB, Haitai, and Sammi - in front of a sold out crowd in Dongdaemun Stadium. Baseball's popularity helped grow the KBO into eight teams in 1990, and again with two more expansion teams in 2011 and 2013.

In the first World Baseball Classic, Korea would go on to win the bronze medal after falling to Team Japan in the semifinals. They would again perform well and win the silver medal in 2009 WBC after leading the tournament in RBI, runs, and shutouts. Currently, two Korean players hold WBC tournament records in home runs (Seung Yeop Lee with 5 homeruns) and in RBIs(Tae-kyun Kim with 11 RBI).

Serving as the hosts of Pool A, Korea experienced disappointment in the 2017 Classic, with losses to Israel and the Netherlands dooming their chances in the first round. A win over Chinese Taipei in their finale offered some consolation for the home fans.
First Round (Round Robin)
Pool A: Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome
Gm 1 kor
Mon, Mar 6
4:30 AM EST
Mon, Mar 6
6:30 PM KST
Gm 3 ned
Tue, Mar 7
4:30 AM EST
Tue, Mar 7
6:30 PM KST
Gm 6 tpe
Thu, Mar 9
4:30 AM EST
Thu, Mar 9
6:30 PM KST


Pool A: Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome

Israel (3-0) and Kingdom of the Netherlands (2-1) advance to Pool E: Tokyo

Rank Team W L
1 Israel isr 3 0
2 Kingdom of the Netherlands ned 2 1
3 Korea kor 1 2
4 Chinese Taipei tpe 0 3


Oh, yeah: Closer dominates Chinese Taipei

Seung Hwan Oh entered and the good swings stopped. That's how it usually went during Oh's seven-year professional career in Asia, when he emerged as one of the world's best relief pitchers, and how it often went during his rookie season with the St. Louis Cardinals in 2016.

Extra special: Korea ends WBC '17 with win

In a game that felt more like a championship than a consolation, South Korea held off Chinese Taipei to conclude its World Baseball Classic on a bittersweet note, earning an 11-8 victory in 10 innings on Thursday at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, South Korea.


# Name B/T Height Weight Birth Date
23 Woo-chan Cha L-L 6'1" 175lbs. 05/31/1987
29 Si Hwan Chang R-R 6'1" 209lbs. 11/01/1987
28 Won-Jun Chang L-L 6'0" 190lbs. 07/31/1985
48 Hyun-seung Lee L-L 5'11" 192lbs. 10/11/1983
12 Chang-Yong Lim R-R 5'11" 175lbs. 06/04/1976
45 Jung Woo Lim R-R 6'0" 168lbs. 04/02/1991
26 Seunghwan Oh R-R 5'10" 205lbs. 07/15/1982
21 Hee-soo Park L-L 6'0" 185lbs. 07/13/1983
11 Dae-eun Rhee L-R 6'2" 190lbs. 03/23/1989
19 Changmin Sim R-R 6'1" 216lbs. 02/01/1993
46 Jong-hyun Won R-R 5'11" 209lbs. 07/31/1987
1 Kyumin Woo R-R 6'1" 183lbs. 01/21/1985
54 Hyun-jong Yang L-L 6'0" 190lbs. 03/01/1988
42 Taegun Kim R-R 5'10" 158lbs. 12/30/1989
25 Euiji Yang R-R 5'11" 188lbs. 06/05/1987
13 Kyoung-min Hur R-R 5'9" 185lbs. 08/26/1990
7 Ha-seong Kim R-R 5'9" 167lbs. 10/17/1995
3 Jaeho Kim R-R 5'11" 165lbs. 03/21/1985
52 Taekyun Kim R-R 6'0" 220lbs. 05/29/1982
10 Dae-Ho Lee R-R 6'4" 250lbs. 06/21/1982
24 Jaewon Oh L-R 6'1" 165lbs. 02/09/1985
18 Sok Min Park R-R 5'10" 194lbs. 06/22/1985
14 Geonchang Seo L-R 5'8" 154lbs. 08/22/1989
34 Hyun-wook Choi L-L 6'0" 190lbs. 12/04/1989
15 Yongkyu Lee L-L 5'9" 155lbs. 08/26/1985
49 Byung-hun Min R-R 5'10" 172lbs. 03/10/1987
37 Kunwoo Park R-R 6'4" 176lbs. 07/01/1992
31 Ah-seop Son L-R 5'9" 190lbs. 03/18/1988
* Designated Pool Pitcher on the active roster that is eligible to participate in one or more consecutive rounds. After each round, these pitchers may be replaced on the Roster with another pitcher from that Federation’s Designated Pitcher Pool.
Coaching Staff
# Name Position
In-Sik Kim Manager
Soon-Chul Lee Hitting Coach
Dongyul Son Pitching Coach
Jinwoo Song Pitching Coach
Pyung Ho Kim First Base Coach
Kwangsoo Kim Third Base Coach
Kwon-Il Song Bullpen Catcher