Kingdom of the Netherlands
Kingdom of the Netherlands
The Netherlands were first introduced to baseball in 1905 by schoolteacher J.C. Grase upon his return from a vacation in the United States, making it the second-oldest European baseball country behind Great Britain. Baseball's popularity grew steadily throughout the Netherlands. The Dutch National Team played its first official international game in Heemstede on August 26, 1934, defeating Belgium by a score of 21-12.

The Netherlands participated in the first two editions of the World Baseball Classic. In 2006 they were eliminated in the first round, but they beat Panama 10-0 in a game that will be remembered by no-hitter of Shairon Martis. The Dutch stunned in 2009 by winning two games against favorite Dominican Republic and advancing to the second round. The Netherlands team reached the 2013 WBC semi-final after shocking the baseball world once again by beating Cuba twice to advance. Netherlands manager Hensley Meulens said the game that allowed his team to advance "will go down as the biggest game in Dutch history…so far."

The Netherlands emerged as a strong contender in 2017, fighting their way through Pools A and E to find a spot in the Championship Round. With a spot in the finals on the line, the Dutch were outlasted by Puerto Rico, 4-3, in a thrilling Semifinal showdown.
First Round (Round Robin)
Pool A: Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome
Gm 3 ned
Tue, Mar 7
4:30 AM EST
Tue, Mar 7
6:30 PM KST
Gm 4 ned
Wed, Mar 8
4:30 AM EST
Wed, Mar 8
6:30 PM KST
Gm 5 isr
Wed, Mar 8
10:00 PM EST
Thu, Mar 9
12:00 PM KST
Second Round (Round Robin)
Pool E: Tokyo Tokyo Dome
Gm 2 ned
Sun, Mar 12
6:00 AM EDT
Sun, Mar 12
7:00 PM JST
Gm 3 isr
Mon, Mar 13
6:00 AM EDT
Mon, Mar 13
7:00 PM JST
Gm 5 cub
Tue, Mar 14
11:00 PM EDT
Wed, Mar 15
12:00 PM JST
Championship Round (Single Elimination)
Finals: Los Angeles Dodger Stadium
Gm 1 pur
Mon, Mar 20
9:00 PM EDT
Mon, Mar 20
6:00 PM PDT


Pool A: Seoul Gocheok Sky Dome

Israel (3-0) and Kingdom of the Netherlands (2-1) advance to Pool E: Tokyo

Rank Team W L
1 Israel isr 3 0
2 Kingdom of the Netherlands ned 2 1
3 Korea kor 1 2
4 Chinese Taipei tpe 0 3
Pool E: Tokyo Tokyo Dome

Japan (3-0), Kingdom of the Netherlands (2-1) advance to Championship Round in Los Angeles

Rank Team W L
1 Japan jpn 3 0
2 Kingdom of the Netherlands ned 2 1
3 Israel isr 1 2
4 Cuba cub 0 3


Jansen makes quick work of PR in debut

The Netherlands called upon Kenley Jansen to make his World Baseball Classic debut in the bottom of the ninth with the scored tied in an elimination game, and he made quick work of the Puerto Rico lineup, sending the game to extras.

Baez's otherworldly play nabs Dutch runner at plate

Javier Baez made one of the hardest throws recorded by a second baseman in the Statcast era to cut down a Netherlands runner at the plate during Puerto Rico's semifinal win in the World Baseball Classic on Monday night.

Unbeaten PR walks off vs. Netherlands to final

Puerto Rico prevailed, 4-3, in the bottom of the 11th inning on Monday night at Dodger Stadium when Eddie Rosario's sacrifice line drive to center field drove home Carlos Correa, sparking a celebration by first base and ending an epic Classic game that clocked in at 4 hours, 19 minutes, and will be talked about for quite some time in both countries and beyond.

Balentien punctuates HR with epic bat flip

Wladimir Balentien continued his torrid World Baseball Classic run with his tournament-leading fourth home run in the first inning on Monday night, but it came in a losing cause in the Netherlands' 4-3 loss against Puerto Rico in 11 innings at Dodger Stadium.


# Name B/T Height Weight Birth Date
20 Mike Bolsenbroek* R-R 6'8" 210lbs. 03/11/1987
19 Rob Cordemans R-R 6'3" 190lbs. 10/31/1974
53 Tom de Blok R-R 6'4" 240lbs. 05/08/1996
29 Lars Huijer R-R 6'4" 205lbs. 09/22/1993
74 Kenley Jansen* S-R 6'5" 265lbs. 09/30/1987
49 Jair Jurrjens R-R 6'1" 200lbs. 01/29/1986
36 Diegomar Markwell L-L 6'2" 190lbs. 08/08/1980
39 Shairon Martis R-R 6'1" 225lbs. 03/30/1987
50 Jim Ploeger L-L 6'3" 225lbs. 06/21/1991
26 Tom Stuifbergen R-R 6'3" 270lbs. 09/26/1988
45 Juan Carlos Sulbaran R-R 6'2" 205lbs. 11/09/1989
44 Rick Van Den Hurk R-R 6'5" 215lbs. 05/22/1985
46 Loek Van Mil R-R 7'1" 260lbs. 09/15/1984
21 Dashenko Ricardo R-R 6'0" 205lbs. 03/01/1990
66 Chadwick Tromp R-R 5'9" 205lbs. 03/21/1995
37 Shawn Zarraga S-R 6'0" 240lbs. 01/21/1989
1 Xander Bogaerts R-R 6'1" 210lbs. 10/01/1992
7 Yurendell Decaster R-R 6'0" 215lbs. 09/26/1979
12 Dwayne Kemp R-R 5'8" 160lbs. 02/24/1988
6 Jonathan Schoop R-R 6'1" 225lbs. 10/16/1991
15 Sharlon Schoop R-R 6'2" 190lbs. 04/15/1987
2 Andrelton Simmons R-R 6'2" 195lbs. 09/04/1989
30 Curt Smith R-R 5'10" 210lbs. 09/09/1986
27 Stijn van der Meer L-R 6'3" 170lbs. 05/01/1993
4 Wladimir Balentien R-R 6'2" 220lbs. 07/02/1984
14 Randolph Oduber R-L 6'3" 190lbs. 03/18/1989
10 Jurickson Profar S-R 6'0" 190lbs. 02/20/1993
35 Kalian Sams R-R 6'2" 248lbs. 08/25/1986
Designated Pitcher Pool
9 Nelmerson Xavier Angela L-L 6'1" 170lbs. 02/20/1998
13 Kevin Heijstek R-R 6'4" 215lbs. 04/08/1988
33 Kevin Kelly R-R 5'11" 225lbs. 10/08/1983
48 Ruderly Manuel R-R 5'8" 154lbs. 08/26/1990
14 Ryan Oduber L-L 5'11" 140lbs. 08/16/1997
38 Mark Pawelek L-L 6'3" 190lbs. 08/18/1986
3 Berry Van Driel R-R 6'4" 198lbs. 12/26/1984
40 Orlando Yntema R-R 6'3" 180lbs. 02/21/1986
* Designated Pool Pitcher on the active roster that is eligible to participate in one or more consecutive rounds. After each round, these pitchers may be replaced on the Roster with another pitcher from that Federation’s Designated Pitcher Pool.
Coaching Staff
# Name Position
31 Hensley Meulens Manager
24 Sidney de Jong Hitting Coach
28 Bert Blyleven Pitching Coach
34 Wim Martinus First Base Coach
44 Ben Thijssen Third Base Coach
25 Andruw Jones Bench Coach
15 Steve Janssen Bullpen Coach